CERT Classes

Getting the Most Out of Your Class

Please take the time to read through this document.

We have found that the information presented in these CERT courses is not common knowledge to most participants. It is important that you have a good understanding of the materials and skills, so that you will be able to use this information and these skills in stressful situations.

Please commit to:

  • reading the text,

  • completing online independent study courses,

  • answering unit focus questions,

  • bringing questions you have from your study to the class,

  • bringing your own note taking materials and

  • bring a mug for coffee or tea.

Course Syllabus

Please open and review. It tells you the what, where and when of the course and has

important links to:

  • The first chapter of your course manual

  • Videos

  • Independent Study Courses

  • Training site locations

Prior to the class

please read the attached pdf, CERT_PM_Unit 1 Disaster Preparedness. And answer the Focus Questions. We will be handing out the full CERT Basic Training Participant Manual at the first session so you do not have to print it out unless you want to.

FEMA Independent Study courses IS-100 and IS-700

These courses will familiarize you with the basics of the Incident Command System. When you click the link for these courses you will need to create a student ID (SID) number in order to take the test and receive your certificate of completion. The link to this process is in the "Take Final Exam” section . If you have problems with the website or registration you need to contact the resources available on the site.

Be prepared to turn in your IS-100 certificate during your second classroom session, and turn in your IS-700 certificate during your forth classroom session. Below are links to the IS-100 and IS-700 independent study courses:

Focus Questions

You will receive Focus Questions before each session for you to answer during your reading. Focus Questions for the first session are attached to this email.


Please click the CERT in Action link on the syllabus and view the video.

Basic First Aid

On the syllabus you will find a link, near the top, that will take you to a list of first aid courses put on by Skagit EMS.


Safety is the foundation of this course. Always work within your abilities and limitations. Participation in this course is encouraged by persons of all abilities and is important. Let the instructor know your needs.

Some of the sessions will be outside and in different locations. Please dress appropriately. We will let you know in class what you will need for the next session and where you need to be.

Participation in all eight sessions is required for you to receive your Certificate of Completion.

Passing a local background check will make you eligible for an Emergency Worker Card.

Missed sessions can be made up during the next CERT course.